Glaecier’s Membership and Subscription Terms

The following membership conditions (hereinafter Membership Conditions) apply to memberships of Glaecier ApS, Denmark, CVR no. 41003715 (hereinafter Glaecier). Membership agreements entered with Glaecier’s member service and via Glaecier’s digital channels (internet/app) are entered between you as an individual and Glaecier. In addition to these Membership Terms, you will also be bound by the special terms and conditions applicable at any time referred to in these Membership Terms. Any such special terms and conditions form an integral, inseparable part of the Membership Terms.

Criteria for membership
When signing up for the membership, you as the member must provide your name, address, email, telephone number, bank sort code and account number/card number and age. If contact or bank/card information is subsequently changed, Glaecier must be notified immediately. It is the member’s responsibility that Glaecier at any given time, always holds your correct contact information. When you collect your membership bracelet, Glaecier will ask for valid ID. The purpose of showing valid ID of you as a member, is to give Glaecier the possibility to verify you and your membership in connection with the continuous control.

An overview of Glaecier’s current membership types as well as special terms, rules, optional extras, and additional services for the individual membership types can be found on Glaecier’s website. A membership is personal and may not be used by anyone other than yourself as a member. The membership gives you access as to use the equipment and services covered by the membership type. The membership can be used from the agreed start date indicated on the purchase receipt.

The minimum age for being a member of Glaecier is 18 years old. Glaecier reserves the right to adjust this age limit.

When a withdrawal is to be performed via a payment card, the card details must correspond with Nets’ card database. The payment card used must be active. It must be possible to complete a transaction for the subscription amount. The payment card used for subscription withdrawals must be able to complete transactions via the Internet.

As a member, you are obliged to familiarise yourself with and to abide by the rules at any given time. Violations by yourself of Glaecier’s rules constitutes a breach of the membership and the Membership Terms and may result in expulsion, termination, cancellation of the membership for a period or permanent. Glaecier reserves the right to make a police report in case of breaches of Glaecier’s rules.

You must use your membership bracelet to access Glaecier. The membership bracelet is personal and may not be used by others. The membership bracelet must be carried and scanned before you go entering and leaving Glaecier. The bracelet must be worn during your stay at Glaecier, and occasionally Glaecier will check the members and in this connection all members must be able to show a valid photo identification if they have not had a personal photo taken. If you forget your membership bracelet, you will not be able to access the facilities. In case of lost bracelet, please contact Glaecier. Fee for new bracelet is 300DKK. As a member, you are responsible for storing the membership bracelet securely and in such a way that it is not damaged, lost or misused by others such as for unauthorized access or purchase. In the event of loss or suspicion of abuse, Glaecier must be informed immediately, both oral and in writing. It is your responsibility as a member to be able to document that the membership bracelet has been reported lost to Glaecier in case of any doubt about this later. You may be held responsible for unauthorized use of the membership bracelet until it has been reported lost/misused to Glaecier in writing. To receive a membership bracelet you must have paid the entrance fee and participate in one of our mandatory intro events. Glaecier can also decide on an alternative delivery method. If the physical membership bracelet is damaged or lost, you must immediately notify Glaecier, who will issue a new membership bracelet with a fee of 300DKK.

Glaecier recommends that particularly valuable items (e.g., cash, watches, jewellery, purses, bags, etc.) are not brought with. All items brought in should be stored in a securely locked cupboard during the visit. Glaecier is not liable for losses due to loss, theft or property damage occurring at Glaecier.

As a member and user of Glaecier, you are responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at Glaecier, just as you are responsible for having received the necessary instruction to perform the activities correctly and safely. Glaecier shall not be liable for any personal injury resulting from non‐compliance with the foregoing or accidents or the actions or omissions of other visitors. The general compensation rules of Danish law otherwise apply.

It is not permitted to use Glaecier’s premises for filming (live images) and/or taking photographs for commercial or private use.

There will be closed circuit video surveillance at the entry and exit doors. The purpose of video surveillance is to prevent crime and provide security for staff and members. You can read more about closed circuit TV surveillance in the current privacy policy which can be accessed on your membership profile.

1) Membership receipt
Receipts that contain confirmation, information, changes, or termination related to your subscription are provided via email. Receipts are sent to the email address on your profile.

2) Cardholder responsibility and liability
As a member and cardholder, you are responsible for ensuring that your card data are correct and up to date. You are liable as a member for the selected subscription until a potential termination date.

3) Card number update
You can update your card number if you need to renew or delete information. This may be relevant if, for example, you change cards. You can update your card data by logging in to your member profile.

4) Termination/cancellation of subscription
You can cancel the subscription with a notice of current month + 4 months unless otherwise agreed or abandoned at the time of registration.

If you wish to cancel the subscription, this must be done by contacting Glaecier member service in writing. If there is any doubt as to whether the membership has been terminated, you as a member must be able to document the termination. We therefore recommend the use of written termination.

Your subscription is only terminated after you have received a receipt confirming the termination.

5) Missing or late payment
If an amount due is not paid on time, a reminder letter will be sent via e‐communication. Glaecier charges a reminder fee according to applicable rates. If payment is not made before the stated due date, Glaecier shall be entitled to block the membership without notice, so that the member cannot be part of Glaecier. If the default continues, Glaecier reserves the right to terminate the membership without further notice and to collect other outstanding payments immediately. You cannot use your membership bracelet as a means of payment or change the membership if the membership is blocked until the full outstanding amount has been paid to Glaecier and documentation for this has been presented.

Glaecier reserves the right to independently or through a business partner to collect the outstanding amount, a reminder and late payment fee as well as to report debtors to RKI/Experian in accordance with RKI’s applicable terms. The fee is determined by Glaecier or by Glaecier’s external partners.

6) Right of withdrawal
If you have regretted your purchase of the subscription over the Internet, you can get your money refunded within 14 days from purchase date if you have not already used the subscription.

7) Acceptance of membership terms
As a member, you must actively accept the membership terms and the price. You do this by ticking the respective box.

8) Terms and prices
Terms and prices for a membership that you purchase online are listed next to the membership in question.

All memberships are paid through DIBS with monthly withdrawals on a continuous basis. This means that you will only be paying the first payment via the internet.

A membership via DIBS has a lock‐in period which is stated. The lock‐in period means that you cannot cancel your subscription outside our terms and conditions once you have made use of the subscription.

We always use DIBS for online card payments.

10) Prepayment/information on prepaid services:
By prepaying the subscription, you will be charged for the number of months specified in the terms and conditions.

11) Delivery terms
We consider the membership to be delivered once registration and payment is completed.

12) Personal data policy/Privacy policy
When you register with Glaecier, as well as when you use Glaecier’s other services or make purchases, Glaecier collects various personal information about you in accordance with the applicable personal data policy, which can be accessed on Glaecier’s website.

13) Liability and limitation of liability
Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions (including the House Rules), the parties are liable to each other in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. However, Glaecier is not liable for losses and damages resulting from simple negligence, just as Glaecier is not liable for indirect losses.

You are not entitled to claim compensation if your ability to use Glaecier is reduced because of repair or maintenance work, damage, repairs, cleaning, health or hygiene measures or other operational actions initiated by Glaecier. However, if your ability to use Glaecier’s winter swimming club is significantly reduced for 14 consecutive days in this regard, you are entitled to a proportionate reduction in the price of your membership for that period. In such cases, please contact Glaecier’s Membership Service.

If Glaecier is unable to fulfil its obligations to you as a member due to circumstances beyond Glaecier’s control and which Glaecier could not foresee or overcome the consequences of (force majeure), the parties’ obligations to each other will be suspended while the force majeure conditions persist. YOU can thus not cancel the membership during the period in question, but you can terminate the membership in the usual way.

If you have prepaid membership and Glaecier is unable to meet its obligations to you for a period due to force majeure, the Member cannot claim an immediate refund of or compensation for such prepaid membership, in whole or in part. If the membership remains in effect after the expiration of the said period, Glaecier will off‐set the value of the prepaid membership for the period in subsequent invoicing of the Member.

14) Choice of law and venue
All purchases covered by these Membership Conditions are subject to Danish law. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably are to be decided by the Danish courts. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Danish versions of the Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

15) Contact information
If you have any questions about these membership conditions, you are welcome to contact Glaecier via membership profile or at hello@localhost

Privacy Policy:
We encourage you to read this from time to time, since we may change this policy. A copy of the current policy is always available on your membership profile.

When are you a member of Glaecier, we collect the personal information you give us. This is necessary for us to fulfill our agreement with you.

We, at Glaecier are data responsible for the personal information, that we register and use about you, and we will keep them safe.

The information we gathered from you, will only be shared internally if necessary, and we will not share your information with companies that are not affiliated with Glaecier ApS or that we don’t have a data processing agreement with.

We will store your personal data as long, as you are a member of Glaecier.

We have a data processing agreement with Flexybox, Østre Havnevej 37, 5700 Svendborg.

At any time, you have the right to gain insight into the data that Glaecier registers and processes about you. If you believe that we have registered incorrect information about you, you can ask us to correct the information, in addition you have the right to the following:

The right to access your own personal data
The right to rectification
The right to deletion after membership ends if its not against other laws
The right to extradition of stored data
The right to object
According to the Personal Data Protection regulation, you have special rights in relation to the information we have about you. You can make use of these rights, including objecting to our processing of your information, by contacting info@localhost. If you request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we will immediately check whether the conditions are met and carry out the change or deletion as soon as possible thereafter.

For crime prevention purposes, we video monitor Gleacier. In the event of an established criminal act, video material can be handed over to the police. Unsubmitted material is automatically deleted 30 days after the recording time.

Should you wish to complain about Glaecier’s processing of your personal data, you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Authority, which you can more about at

Changes to this privacy policy will be published at your membership profile where the newest policies will be available at any given time.

If you have any questions about our processing of your data, you can contact us by e‐mail at info@localhost.

Booking of Open Gus:
When you book an Open Gus session without a current Glaecier membership of any kind, you agree to be given a membership in Glaecier’s system. This membership only provides you with the possibility to book and pay for Open Gus. You hereby also accept that Glaecier can send you emails with both marketing and transactional purposes. Additionally, Glaecier can store the data you provide to Glaecier’s system.