Let's go to Glaecier

What are the Opening Hours of Glaecier?

Sunday to Wednesday: 6 AM to 10 PM // Thursday: 6 AM to 5 PM (Closed for maintenance until Friday at 11 AM) // Friday: 11 AM to Midnight // Saturday: 6 AM to Midnight. Note: Opening hours may be subject to change for special events at Glaecier. Members will be promptly informed of any alterations.

I forgot something at Glaecier - what to do?

Hurry back! Or check the Lost & Found basket in the lobby near the entrance next time on your next visit. Remember, it’s a community effort to return items, so feel free to drop off anything you find. Thanks for being a considerate member!

Can I try Glaecier without being a member?

Absolutely! Feel free to experience Open Gus without committing to a membership. Just reserve your spot on our website under “GUS”.

How much is a membership at Gleacier?

The price of a Glaecier membership depends on your age group. We offer the following prices:
Students all ages: 299 DKK per month // Ages 18-24: 299 DKK per month // Ages 25-29: 349 DKK per month // Ages 30-65: 449 DKK per month // Ages above 65: 349 DKK per month // Additionally, there is a startup fee of 399 DKK and a commitment period of 5 months after which you can terminate your membership with a current month + 1 month’s notice.

How to become a member of Glaecier

How can I apply for membership at Glaecier?

1) Sign up in our online lobby: Start by registering in our online lobby. The sign-up process is both free and non-binding, meaning there’s no commitment required on your part upon registration.
2) Wait for an invitation to an intro course. It’s important to note that our lobby is not a waiting list. Membership allocations are made through a random selection process, guided by our commitment to diversity.

Open Gus

What is Open Gus?

“Open Gus” is your opportunity to experience the Glaecier facilities for a price of 399 DKK, without the need for a membership. These Open Gus sessions take place on Tuesday nights  7-8 PM and 8.30-9:30 PM. A Gus session is a traditional practice involving pouring water onto hot sauna stones, resulting in a burst of steam and intense heat. This practice is known to promote relaxation, detoxification and improved blood circulation. Click “Try GuSs” to check available time slots and book you sit.

I am a member. Can I sign up for Open Gus?

Yes. As a member of Glaecier, you can participate in an Open Gus for a special price of 99 DKK. If you wish to book an Open Gus session as a member, you simply book this through your profile on our website.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

For Open Gus bookings with Glacier Community, any cancellation must be communicated directly to community@glaecier.com at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event will not be eligible for a refund. However, cancellations made in compliance with this policy will receive a full refund. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For Glaecier members

I am a member, but I want my friend to be as well. Is there something I can do?

As a member, there is nothing you can do to influence the process of membership offering; it is entirely random. You can simply enjoy your membership at Glaecier and patiently await your friend’s offer of membership.

Can I bring a friend to Glaecier?

Certainly! Members can book spots for our Open Gus sessions to join with a friend. Your friend will have to book too. Note: Limited members’ spots are available during these events to ensure non-members to have the opportunity to explore our facilities.
Alternatively, you can aquire a “Bring a Friend”- wristband.

What is Members Gus?

The Members Gus is a special benefit exclusively for our members. We periodically host Members Gus sessions with varying themes, durations, and focuses. These sessions are offered free of charge for our members. To participate, book through your profile on our website. Please note that these sessions do not follow a fixed schedule, and we will communicate the details to our members when they are planned.

Are there other Members' benefits?

Of course! As a member you will get invited for monthly activities, receive discounts for local shops and cool collabs and meet a lot of different people who all have the love of cold/heat exposure in common.

It looks like my monthly charge is too high. What could the problem be?

The Glaecier membership fee is paid in advance. This means that on the first of every month, you will pay for that month. For new members joining Glaecier at any point during a given month, it’s important to note that they will typically pay for the rest of that current month and for the following month, which can sometimes lead to initial confusion.

Can I pause my membership?

No. It is not possible to pause a Glaecier membership.

How do I terminate my membership at Glaecier?

To terminate (end) your Glaecier membership, simply sent an e-mail to glaecier@community.com. All terminations will be handled on fridays.

Bring a Friend

What is "Bring a Friend"?

Our “Bring a Friend”-concept gives you the opportunity to share the Glaecier experience with your friends. By getting a blue “Bring a Friend” wristband, you can introduce your friends to Glaecier, and share the amazing experience together.
Read more here: https://glaecier.com/baf

How does "Bring a Friend" work?

1: To bring a friend to Glaecier, you need to get a blue “Bring a Friend”-wristband.

2: When you bring a friend to Glaecier, make sure that your friend wears the blue “Bring a Friend”-wristband throughout your visit. You will let your friend enter through the main gate and ensure that your friend scans the blue “Bring a Friend”-wristband at the “Bring a Friend”-terminal, located at the entrance door after the stairs leading into Glaecier.

3: You can bring as many different friends as you like, but only one at a time.

What does "Bring a Friend" cost?

Monthly service fee: 25 DKK/month

Entrance fee: 299 DKK per visit

Fine for losing the “Bring a Friend” wristband: 500 DKK

Amounts will be billed to your Glaecier account.

Personal wristband and access

How do I use my Glaecier wristband?

Your Glaecier wristband is strictly personal and serves as your access card to the Glaecier facilities. It is essential to wear it at all times when entering and using our facilities. Please remember to scan your Glaecier wristband both when entering and leaving the boat. Even if the gate is already open, it is important to scan your wristband for proper tracking and security.

Can I use Glaecier without a wristband?

No. You must always wear a Glaecier wristband when using the Glaecier facilities.

I have lost my wristband, what can I do?

If you happen to lose your Glaecier wristband, you can request a replacement by contacting us via email at community@glaecier.com or come to the reception at Glaecier on Tuesdays between 3 to 5 PM. We will arrange a suitable method for you to collect your new Glaecier wristband and charge your account 300 DKK for the replacement.

Can I lend out my Glaecier wristband?

No. Your Glaecier wristband is strictly personal. Lending your wristband, whether to a member or a non-member, will result in a permanent ban from the Glaecier community.

Use of Glaecier

Can I use Glaecier without wearing swimwear?

You may swim with or without swimwear – it’s up to you. Just be considerate and cover up when you move around the club or walk between the sauna and the pool. In the sauna, you must sit on a towel and have your private parts covered.

How often can I use Glaecier

A membership gives you access to 10 visits per month in addition to all the members’ events and GUS sessions you would wish to attend.

Are there any rules for using the sauna?

The sauna is available every day during our regular opening hours, and all members are welcome to use it as frequently as they’d like. Please be aware that on Tuesday nights, we will host Open Gus sessions, which will occupy the entire sauna area. If you have not signed up for these events, we kindly request that you refrain from using the sauna during these times. Same rules apply for members’ gus. Only show up when signed up. For our members who wish to use essential oils in the sauna, it is permitted. However, we ask that you always seek the consent of other sauna guests before using essential oils. Furthermore, only use essential oils if you are knowledgeable about their proper usage and safety precautions.

Can I park my car at Glaecier?

No. Unfortunately, we have no option for our members to park just in front of Glaecier. The nearest public parking option is just a few minutes’ walk away – located at the entrance to Refshaleøen.

Can I take pictures at Glaecier?

Yes, you are allowed to take pictures at Glaecier. However, we kindly request that you be considerate, especially as some members may be in swimwear. Just like in all other public spaces, there are specific rules for taking and sharing pictures of other people. Therefore, ALWAYS ensure that you have obtained consent from individuals if your pictures include other guests, before you share any photos on social media.


Can I book Glaecier for an event?

We welcome the opportunity to host your special events at Glaecier! While events are not a frequent occurrence, we do accommodate bookings, with Thursday evenings after 5 PM being the ideal time. Occasionally, we may consider other time slots for larger events that require exclusive use of the club. Please note however, that Glaecier does not host Polterabends. If you’re interested in hosting an event at Glaecier, please reach out to us at community@glaecier.com. We’d love to chat and discuss the details with you!

Staff contact and reception hours

Is there a possibility to meet a member of staff?

In general, we aim to maintain Glaecier as a member-driven community. Consequently, we do not have a staff member present at all times. However, we do have reception hours every Tuesday from 3 PM to 5 PM, and Wednesdays from 9 to 11 AM during which you can seek assistance or ask any questions you may have from our staff member.

Do you answer the e-mail every day?

No, we have limited office hours and only reply emails on selected days. Therefore if you need a quick answer, take a look at our FAQ’s, that cover most questions.